Margaret Stratton Studios


As a visual artist I am engaged with the poetics and politics of social structures, before and after the world-wide-web institued social media, My interests extend to traditional photographic ideals and the emerging ubiquity of the phone as camera.  My work looks at photography as a transmissible language that has superseded text and voice, becoming the primary language of contemporary communication.  My inquiry includes technology’s effect on the transmission of violence, loss and absence through the photographic image.  

The photographs I make are anthropological and cultural documents that puzzle out the visual detritus left by the ever-changing fragments of social and natural landscapes.  While my subject material is diverse, from Economic Inequalty to Abandoned Prisons and Catacombs  to street life in Contemporary Asia, all my photographs provide a connection to the interiority of place and the patterns that lie beneath surfaces and appearances. 

My work in non-narrative video examines much the same terrain.  By using moving
pixels and sound I replicate the interiority of my thoughts as they are
translated into visual and aural language forms.